University has not always been the smoothest ride for me. I seem to have blinders on as I navigate my way through each term hoping that I won't make a terrible, education ending mistake. Here are a few of the more embarrassing stories I can share about my post secondary experience: In my first year I headed to the washrooms before class and overheard two girls talking about how relieved they were to be finished and ready to hand in the last paper of the term. These girls were in my class. I was instantly overcome with anxiety and thought to myself, "What paper? Isn't that due next week?" I had a mini panic attack and headed to class wondering how I could possibly overlook the due date for a term paper, "Oh my god I'm going to fail this class; what the hell do I do? How do I not know that a paper is due?! Am I that oblivious?" It took multiple excuses and copious amounts of begging to get the professor on board with me emailing it to her by the end of the night; I ended up finishing it in 5 hours and getting a 65% - decent considering the circumstance.

And the blunders didn't end with the 'term paper crisis'. During my second year I showed up to one of my most important midterms an hour late. I got my days mixed up and thought the class started at a different time (even though I had been attending for two months - JESUS). As I entered the classroom in my baggy boyfriend jeans, a light knit sweater, black fur vest and a handbag full of fear and embarrassment, the professor asked me why I was late. My mind went blank and I blurted out, "Uh, I fell asleep in the library...." The professor replied with, "Wow I've never heard that one before," as the entire class all looked up from their exam. I took a seat at the front and began to scramble through the exam, vigorously flipping the pages and circling what I thought was the right answer; I ran out of time half way through. The professor was somehow sympathetic of my 'situation' and allowed a T.A. to supervise extended exam time in his office. I guess you could say I was 'saved by the prof' - a rare occurrence if you ask me.

WOW, how am I even passing University with decent marks? It's beyond me. My third year has been rolling along quite smoothly ... so far.

Tartan blazers always makes me think of school. Whether it's being worn by a yuppy private school student or an extra on the set of Gossip Girl the piece is the ultimate symbol of prep. The boy always likes to dress blazers down by wearing them with more casual pieces- i.e. hoodie. I felt it would only be appropriate for me to do the same if I was going to take his blazer ;). Pairing the tartan with denim on denim brought the piece down to earth. Adding more expensive looking accessories (isn't the bag the perfect size!) helped strike a perfect high/low balance with the outfit. For the record, I am a firm believer that wearing a plaid blazer to school can get you out of almost any unsavoury situation.

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What I'm Wearing: Topman BlazerDenim ShirtBDG JeansSchutz ShoesVince Camuto BagZara Gloves Tartan1 tartan2 tartan3 tartan4 tartan5 tartan8 tartan9tartan7 tartan6